Roby Facini"Roby" Facini - Guitar and vocals - At the end of the ‘60s led his band "Top Four" in pursuit of his everlasting dreams and primordial music. Beat music invaded Italy. He played pop and rock in the ‘70s with “Acqua Fragile” and gained new experiences: Riccardo Fogli, the plays of Dario Fo, Dik Dik, P.F.M., Nada (tour), Giuni Russo ("Summer by the sea” - disco and tour), Patty Pravo ("Crazy idea” – disco and tour), Umberto Tozzi ("Gloria" – world tour) and a great many other guitar performances including with the Corvi. He has been on television numerous times. He adores the Beatles and is the group expert on their material. He has worked with Riccardo Fogli for 35 years, he has played all over the world and also teaches. And obviously he plays and sings with Shout!

Riccardo Fogli Riccardo Fogli - Vocals - Started as singer/bassist for the "The Slenders" then in July 1966 he joined the Pooh and performed with them until 1973. In the early ‘70s he became well-known to the public as a solo singer with "Mondo". After this he was famed for his interpretation of many songs such as "Che ne sai" composed in 1979.  He won the Festivalbar of 1982 and La vela d’oro with his song, "Malinconia" and in 1981, when he first participated in the Sanremo festival, he was voted winner with "Storie di tutti i giorni". He entered the festival again in 1989 with "Non finisce così"; in 1991 with "Io ti prego di ascoltare"; in 1992 with "In una notte così" and finally in 1996 with the song "Romanzo". Riccardo is respected and loved by both Italian and international audiences. To date he has successfully sold 15 albums. He has never giving up touring Italy or abroad with his band (his faithful guitarist, Roby Facini, with him for 35 years; Ugo M. Manfredi, bass player for 16 years; Luca Savazzi, pianist and Andrea Quinzi, drummer).

Giacomo Fava Giacomo Fava - Guitar and vocals - A talent for rock learnt in the underground life of subburgs: known in the trade as the "voice". He has always lived up to his nickname with great interpretations of the most famous songs of the last 30 years in the history of rock. In the ‘60s after a brief period with the spirited "Eredi", he was contacted by the "Moschettieri" to join their group; his song "Rozzi, ma efficaci" after the Rolling Stones, made the group’s name and James, like one of Dumas’ real musketeers, was leader-like in his effectiveness, experience and spirit. After the "Moschettieri” and making records with "Ariston" he joined "L’Onda Lunga", but his greatest moment was when he ended up in the early "Rocky’s filj” experiencing some of the most unforgettable moments of his life. He worked with the "Corvi" on various shows and tours. Now he performs the Fab Four’s universal songs with Shout!

Sandro Ravasini Sandro Ravasini - Drummer - Started studying at the age of 14 under Enrico Lucchini. In ’84 he went on tour with Barbara Boncompagni and Daniel Danielì, then in ’85 on another tour with Lena Biolcati and Rodolfo Banchelli. In ’86 he left for Boston (U.S.) where he studied for six months at Berkley College of Music; on his return he started his long collaboration with “Dik Dik”. He recorded two LPs, two audio cassettes and a teaching video. He has worked for RAI’s second channel on "Sereno Variabile" and for Canale 5 on "Una rotonda sul mare" and other TV shows. He is serious, musical, has great spirit, stage presence and great timing, but above all he has a deep humanity. He has worked with Riccardo Fogli for 10 years, plays in professional big bands and teaches.

Beppe Ugolotti Beppe Ugolotti - Guitar - Born in Palanzano near Parma in 1952. He is basically self-taught and aged 15, his great passion for the guitar led him to play in ballrooms with local groups. In 1969 he founded the group “TNT” which he left temporarily for military service. In 1974 he joined “Rocky’s Filj” (F.Dondi and P.E.Canavera were already members) and during this time he and his friends played all over the world. In 1984 he returned permanently to Italy and took up the reins of his historical band (TNT) once again and they are still playing in local clubs around Parma. Beppe also helped arranged the CD, "I’ve got a feeling" by Shout! contributing his indisputable artistic mark.


Joe Vescovi Joe Vescovi - Keyboard player - Very experienced musician. Leader of "Trip" one of the best progressive rock bands of the ‘70s where he had lots of room to play his Hammond (even now Joe is one of the few people in Italy who knows how to play it properly). After the break up of the band he joined "Acqua Fragile", another progressive band where he met the bassist Franz Dondi. He also had a brief interlude in Los Angeles with Ritchie Blackmore’s "Rainbow". Returning to Italy he joined the mythical “Dik Dik” for four years. In the early "Eighties" he formed a new hard rock band which he called "Knife Edge" which after a year became Umberto Tozzi’s official band for eight years. After this he returned to Dik Dik where as well as being keyboard player he was also their artistic producer (previous experience gained by producing Enrico Ruggeri’s first album "Decibel"). Recently he was invited to join the reforming of "Shout!" by his old friend, Franz Dondi.

Pieremilio Canavera Pier Emilio Canavera - Drums - Born in Cremona 25/02/47. He started playing aged 14 with various local groups and at the age of 17 he joined "Gli Immortali" which Bernardo Lanzetti joined later as musician/singer. In 1971, with other friends including Franz Dondi, the two started the progressive rock band "Acqua Fragile". The band produced two LPs (Acqua Fragile, Mass Media Stars). After he left Acqua Fragile, Pier Emilio started touring and in ‘77 he went on tour with Bobby Solo after which many artists asked him to tour with them, such as Iva Zanicchi and Franco Califano. From 1990 he has played regularly with dance orchestras. In ’98 he helped arrange "I’ve got a feeling" by Shout!.