Giampaolo Bertuzzi was born in Piacenza, Italy on 17/08/1964.
His artistic leanings were already noticeable as a baby and when his granny gave him his first acoustic guitar his passion and love for music were ignited.
Soon after the red-hot and revolutionary year of ‘68, rock music arrived in Italy and Giampaolo discovered the Beatles.
The Fab Four’s magical music is a universal message of peace and love and Giampaolo made it his own.
He founds it easy to sing like Paul McCartney, and when still a boy, his heart and voice in complete harmony, Giampaolo starting playing Beatles songs with a group of friends who all shared the same passion for the quartet from Liverpool.
Giampaolo abandoned his university studies aged 24 when he realised he had to live his life with MUSIC to the full. And he moved to the romantic countryside of Castell'Arquato.
This contact with nature was a powerful influence bringing out his need to compose, and instinctively he did so in English; as ever inspired by the Beatles’ music.

In 1988 Giampaolo met the producer/composer, Marco Tansini, at that time co-owner of Morning Studios in Milan. Together they produced many records and some of the artists who used the studio often collaborated with Giampaolo on their own records, such as the saxophonist, A. Moro, who wanted him for lead vocals; D. Dosi who wrote "Tutte le strade"; L. Biolcati; E. Scollo and others.

In 1992 Giampaolo and Tansini succeeded in finishing their project and produced Giampaolo Bertuzzi’s first CD in the Tanzan Music studios.

And also in1992, C.G.D. Warner contracted Giampaolo to join their stable. That same year Giampaolo appeared at the Sanremo song festival as a newcomer with his song "Un altro mondo nell'universo".

He also went on the 14-gig tour of Italy with E. Radaelli’s  Nuovo Cantagiro.

While touring with Cantagiro, Giampaolo was invited to sing at not only major music events but others, such as for Lazio football team’s celebrations in their Olymipic stadium, where the international guest singers included the famous Emy Stewart.

Giampaolo met the guitarist Roby Facini in 1993, who has now been side by side with Riccardo Fogli for over 35 years.
Roby always loved the Beatles as much as Giampaolo, so with their mutual passion they decided to re-form Shout!! (the band started by the enthusiastic Roby Facini in the 80s’ performing Beatles’ covers).
The musicians in the band are:


Giampaolo lead vocals Roby Facini guitar, vocals Franz Dondi bass, guitar Giacomo Fava guitar, vocals Sandro Ravasini drums

In these years Giampaolo played concerts with Shout! but he never stopped writing. It is in his songs that he best expresses his love of life. 


In 1995 Giampaolo and Shout!! produced their CD "A corner of heaven" made up of 13 Beatles’ tunes and  5 pieces in English by Giampaolo and Roby. During the tour promoting the CD many guest artist friends joined them in concert, such as Giorgio Faletti, Andrea Fornili and Riccardo Fogli.

Riccardo after his brief contact with Shout!! got his wish to make Giampaolo and Roby’s, "Darlin’ I love you".

In 1995 the band entered the Beatles’ revival competition "Trento rivive i Beatles" organised by Italian fan clubs and with Yoko Ono leading the judges, (there were around 300 participants from all over Italy). The winners were Shout! They played their hearts out!


In 1996 Giampaolo, Roby Facini and Giorgio Faletti took part in a U.N.I.C.E.F. competition composing "Per quando Natale non è". They win the top prize! The sung is performed by the ex- Milan striker, G. Weah.


In 1998 Giampaolo started joined together with the keyboard player, Joe Vescovi and this new encounter proves critical when he himself produces his third CD "I’ve got a feeling", 14 songs all written and sung by Giampaolo.

Through Joe Vescovi, Giampaolo’s CD is distributed by the music publisher, Beppe Crovella, owner of the Electromantic Music label. Unfortunately the distribution channels are not ‘fair’ and the CD is barely promoted and doesn’t achieve its expected success.

In 1999 Giampaolo decided to take a break to reflect on things and changed his life by moving to Tenerife with his inseparable companion, his guitar. The island is predominantly full of English tourists, and everywhere there is live music, bars and many musicians playing covers but nobody sings the Beatles. For two years he sang Beatles’s covers with a few bands but often he sang and played them on his own with his unplugged 12-string Eko, and the English thought he was wonderful.

On his return to Italy he teamed up again with his old musician friend, Roby , who like Giampaolo, still wanted to sing and play. It was the only way they still knew how to enjoy themselves! So they did and re-formed Shout!

Giampaolo has written several songs throughout these years, many of which are still unpublished. Songs written and interpreted with a new artistic maturity, “honest” songs with sweet harmonies just like Giampaolo himself.